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위두 솔루션은 Xilinx 인증교육센터로써 교육 및 컨설팅 용역 개발보드 판매 등 FPGA를 활용 하시는 분들을 위한 다양한 솔루션은 제공 하고 있습니다

[Platform Cable USB II]




  • High-performance FPGA configuration and PROM/CPLD programming
    • Includes innovative FPGA-based acceleration firmware encapsulated in a small form factor pod attached to the cable
    • Supports JTAG and Slave-Serial programming topologies
    • Firmware downloadable over cable
  • Easy to use
    • Fully integrated and optimized for use with Xilinx iMPACT software
    • Intuitive multiple cable management from a single application
    • Compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems
    • Automatically senses and adapts to target I/O voltage
    • Interfaces to devices operating at 5V (TTL), 3.3V (LVCMOS), 2.5V, 1.8V and 1.5V
    • Bus-powered USB device (no power supply required)
    • Flyleads compatible
    • Target power status LED
    • Firmware updates are transparent to the user
  • Reliable
    • Backwards compatibility with Platform Cable USB, including Pb-Free (RoHS-compliant)
    • USB Integrators Forum (USB-IF) certified
    • CE and FCC compliant
    • Leverages industry standards, including JTAG Boundary-Scan IEEE 1149.1, SPI and USB 2.0
    • Compatible with Full-Speed and Hi-Speed USB ports
    • Programs and configures all Xilinx devices**
  • Third-party PROM device programming support
    • Directly programs selected Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) flash memory devices
    • Indirectly programs selected SPI or parallel flash memory devices via FPGA JTAG port
    • Highly optimized for use with Xilinx design tools - ISE® Foundation™ Software, Embedded Development Kit, ChipScope Pro Analyzer and System Generator for DSP.
  • Pb-Free (RoHS-compliant)
  • Recommended for prototyping use only

** Note: Xilinx iMPACT software is required for programming and configuration








가격 : 400,000원 (부가세별도)

재고 : 재고문의









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